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Deborah Swenson is an author who writes from an island nestled along the pristine waterways of the Pacific Northwest. Her debut novel, Till My Last Breath, is a compelling Historical Western Romantic Suspense filled with twists and turns to bring two desperate people and two fateful worlds together. Till My Last Breath adds a new spin to the Western Romance by going beyond the traditional cowboy saves girl theme. Here, the heroine is strong, independent, and self-reliant—the hero’s old world, charming and fiercely protective. Unexpected time travel and socially compelling scenarios collide with 21st Century medicine as it meets the 19th Century frontier. Life and death in the Arizona Territory’s desert hills keep the story moving forward as it draws in a wide variety of readers, both male and female. Whether you are new to Western Romance or have been reading them for years, Till My Last Breath will be sure to make any reader a lover of the Old West.


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