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Join us as we learn more about how to be a friend to the bees. These pollinators do a very important job, and we can help support them in our own gardens.

We’ll first watch the short film “Power for Pollinators,” which will talk about how landowners can encourage healthy pollinator habitats. Lee and Teri McGarr from Wenatchee Bee and Supply will talk about how we can also be involved on our own properties and gardens. She’ll talk about the basics of beekeeping with beehives and mason bee equipment to show, how yard cleanup effects bees and insects, and what you can do even if you’re not planning on raising your own bees.

Lee and Teri have been beekeepers in the Wenatchee valley since 2016. Lee is an Electrician by trade and Teri runs the small bee supply business they have built up over the last 6 years (Wenatchee Valley Bee & Supply LLC). They sell bees and bee equipment and help new beekeepers. Lee builds all the Wooden Equipment they sell, as well as making custom wooden ware for customers. Teri was secretary of the local bee club for 3 years and is currently the outreach officer as well as being Vice president and Co-certifier of Washington Master Beekeepers. She also Does Swarm team dispatch in the spring /summer months for River com.

This event is FREE and open to the public.

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