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Kevin Redlich is a singer songwriter performing both solo and full band at festivals, ballrooms, tap rooms, tasting rooms, and saloons across the US. Connecting people through the emotion of music has the capacity to bond us together. Redlich draws inspiration from personal life experience – good times and bad – which is elevated by his rugged, old school vocals. Lyrics delivered directly from the soul lend itself to his seemingly effortless ability to relate to listeners. Gigging since his high school days in Tempe, AZ, Redlich started his career at a young age. The dry desert of Arizona quickly embraced Redlich’s guitar talent; gaining local notoriety and enabling him to share the stage with major national acts across the country. With Redlich becoming the go-to guitarist in Phoenix, he soon started sitting in and recording with a myriad of artists on a variety of projects including spending time engineering albums in major recording studios around the country. These experiences inspired Redlich to start songwriting and motivated him to invest in his own projects. In 2016, Redlich found his home in the lush evergreen city of Seattle; where he is now actively a member of: Santa Poco – a honky tonk Americana group and Mojo Riot – a true whiskey rock n’ roll experience. When he’s not actively performing around the Pacific NW or dropping new tracks with his bands, Redlich works on his passion which includes, the development of a solo album and audio engineering fellow artists’ next release.

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