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Andre Feriante: String Stories As one of the Pacific Northwest’s premiere guitarists and composers, we are excited to announce that Andre Feriante is bringing his musical world tour to Icicle Creek! String Stories features selections from his collection of exotic and traditional instruments from around the globe while playing music authentic to each instrument’s origins. Trained by the virtuoso Spanish and Classical Guitarist Andrés Segovia, Feriante has enjoyed a nearly 40-year career touring the world on a journey that has taken him to the edge of musical boundaries. Andre’s String Stories concert is an antidote to the divisions and cultural insensitivity we’re all seeing in the world today. Motivated by an intentional desire to bring people together in respect and understanding, Italian-born Feriante has created a program with an emphasis on hope, compassion, peace, and finding common ground through music. Throughout his decades of performing, he’s often been thanked for the calming and healing aspects of his music.

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