Fossil Box – Gift package


This awesome Fossil box can be for the fossil lover or used as healing box. Fossils have been revered for centuries as talismans for protection and connect us to ancient Earth. Fossils are said to bring harmony, connection, protection and splendor. Want more? Join one of our crystal clubs!

This box includes:
Amber (Ancient Tree Sap)
Orthoceras Bowl (Fossilized Mollusk)
Trilobite (Marine Orthopod)
Mosasaurus Tooth (Ancient Reptile Tooth)
Shell Fossil (yep, no need for more description)
3 fun bags to keep your fossil safe in one place
Super Rad Leavenworth Rocks Sticker!

Leavenworth Rocks

Rock Stars in our own minds! Some of us are new to ROCKS and some of us are OLD as rocks but we are trying our best to bring you the Quality stones and gems and we will never compromise on that. While our focus is on rocks and gems, we dabble a bit in the metaphysical understanding of connections outside of the material realm.....its kinda cool!

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