Lavender Honey


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True lavender honey is a unique find. Lavender blooms for only a few short weeks every summer and does not need bees for pollination.
Beekeeper Paul and farmer Beth planned carefully and worked diligently to bring you this delicious sampling of the bees‘ handiwork.
Our honey does not taste like lavender… it’s better. The bees know best and they have produced a light, floral, and very delicious treat for us to enjoy!

The label features unique local art by Tiffany Olson.

Down by the River Lavender

Down by the River Lavender is located just north of Wenatchee and owned by my husband and me (Jason and Beth Hammerberg). We have lived here for about 20 years. We are both are teachers trained in Agriculture Education. We believe in not only nurturing and supporting the youth in our community but also educating the public about the agriculture industry. We have two young sons and highly value family time. Farming lavender is a wonderful family venture! Every day is an education for ourselves and our boys in how to communicate, work hard, grow something useful, and build a small business. We are excited to share with you the fruits of our labor!

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