Lavender Vinegar Cleaner


If you are a fan of cleaning natural with vinegar based cleaners and you like lavender, you will fall in love with this cleaner!

Made from lavender hydrosol and food grade lavender vinegar, the natural cleaning power of this product is especially evident on glass and stainless steel.

Hydrosol is an all natural product derived from steam distillation of the lavender plant, making this cleaner totally nontoxic.

As an added bonus, it does not have as strong a vinegar scent as a plain vinegar cleaner. Farmer Beth is often heard saying “it smells like a lavender pickle!”

Down by the River Lavender

Owners: Beth & Jason Hammerberg Small, family owned and operated lavender farm. We grow our lavender with low water usage and a responsibility to the environment in mind. All of the products we sell we use ourselves. Our goal is to produce high quality lavender goods that you will love as much as we do.

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