December in Leavenworth

AND the first 3 weekends of Christmas Lighting!

Downtown Park Lights:  We keep our downtown park lights up and on EVERY NIGHT from Thanksgiving through Valentine’s Day (barring any power or storm issues), with a ceremonial lighting on the first 3 Saturdays & Sundays of December.

We get a lot of folks asking us if we have different lights for the festival weekends than other nights of the week OR if the lights are only on those weekends. We have the same lights on every day of the week!  

3 Weekends of Christmas Lighting:  Here is a tentative schedule for Christmas Lighting weekends.  While our entertainers will change, the day’s events are fairly similar each weekend.  Check it out click here.

Parking & Traffic Flow on Lighting Weekends:  Traffic flow in and out of Leavenworth is very heavy on Christmas Lighting Saturday & Sundays, particularly Saturday’s.  Patrol and flaggers will be at intersection from noon to 7pm, it will assist outgoing traffic and safety primarily.  If you are not in town and in a parking spot by noon on Saturday and 1:00pm on Sunday, you will find yourself searching the streets of Leavenworth.  Traffic coming into town on those 2 days, particularly from the East, should expect slow to no traffic flow.  If you believe you will leave Wenatchee at 2 or 3:00pm and arrive in time for the 4:30pm ceremony, you will most likely be disappointed. Click here for WSDOT Traffic Alerts.

After the 4:30pm ceremony each Saturday & Sunday, most people head back to their cars and tour buses.  If you want to miss the first big rush out, we are adding gazebo entertainment later into the evening and we have concerts available on some evenings (click here).

Restrooms:  There are 3 available indoor restroom facilities; Front Street Park near Maipole, 8th & Commercial and Leavenworth Festhalle.  We will also place porta potties at a couple parking lots and at the Front Street Park location.

Something to Eat:  Restaurants are geared up and ready for you.  If you are early, it will be easy to get something to eat.  We have also brought food vendors in to serve bratwurst, burgers, pasta, soup & snacks right on the street.  The guest that explores down the side & back streets often find a shorter line!  Both our grocery stores also have deli sections and some of our tasting rooms offer food also.  Here’s a link to our restaurants  for planning ahead.

Leavenworth Festhalle:  On Front Street & Division near the large parking lot near Starbucks is a civic center that we have rented for indoor vendors, story time, restrooms and all over resting and warming up!

Returning Home:  If you aren’t lucky enough to stay in town on your visit, we encourage you to keep aware of your route home weather conditions.  From any cellular phone you can dial 511 and listen to conditions on your road or mountain pass home.  And, you can also check pass conditions at

Can’t wait to see you and help create lifelong memories and Christmas traditions with us here in Leavenworth!