Because of the way that the Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce manages it’s membership structure, the process of ‘adding someone to the website’ is a multi-stage process. This is detailed in this PDF document. This process is as follows:

1. Add Business

First thing is to add basic business details to the system. The business is the umbrella under which memberships and then listings will belong. You can add a new business to the website here.

2. Add Membership(s)

Once a business has been added to the website, you will be prompted to add a membership. Memberships are used by the administration to calculate how much a business needs to pay. Each membership represents a billable unit. Memberships have various options, including category (what TYPE of membership) and tier (the PRIORITY of display for that membership).

3. Add Listing(s)

Once a membership has been added, we need to tell the website how that membership should be displayed around the website. We may want membership details to appear in more than one place – and so we can create multiple listings for one membership. You will be prompted to add a listing when a new membership is created.



At any time, you can visit a business detail page and see the membership & listing ‘tree’ for that business. You can get a full list of businesses memberships here.