Leavenworth, Washington, is a charming Bavarian village nestled in the picturesque Cascade Mountains. Known for its unique architectural style and festive atmosphere, the village transports visitors to a quaint European setting. The town exudes a lively ambiance throughout the year, with seasonal decorations and events adding to its allure. Visitors can explore the village’s charming shops, indulge in authentic German cuisine, sample locally brewed beers, and immerse themselves in the vibrant festivities and cultural experiences that make Leavenworth a truly remarkable destination.

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The History of Leavenworth

Believe it or not, we were not always a Bavarian style village. Instead, the towering mountain peaks and bountiful land was known amongst Native Americans as some of the most plentiful land anyone had laid eyes on. The Yakama, Chinook and Wenatchi tribes all hunted the same land for deer & elk, and also fished Icicle Creek for salmon.

Settlers hungry for gold, timber, and furs soon settled the area, and by 1890, Icicle Flats was born. The area exploded with the arrival of the rail line near the turn of the century. At that point, Leavenworth was a whole lot less Bavaria and a whole lot more Deadwood! The logging and sawmill business was great…until it wasn’t. When the railroad re-routed its rails and moved out of town, it almost turned Leavenworth into a ghost town. The area scuffled along for more than thirty years, always on the brink of extinction.

In the early 1960’s, town leaders had a bright idea: change Leavenworth’s appearance to draw visitors. If the gorgeous alpine hills had no equal except in German Bavaria, the city planned on completing the experience.

This was no mere facelift. In addition to completely renovating the downtown area, community leaders created a series of festivals, drawing revelers into town. From there, the Autumn Leaf Festival, Maifest, and the immensely popular Christmas Lighting Festivals were born and continue to this day.

To say the change worked is like saying you can taste a hint of cabbage in kraut. For decades, Leavenworth has been a top tourist destination in the Pacific Northwest. More than a million tourists walk our streets every year, finding “Bavarian authenticity and Northwest hospitality.”

To learn more about our history on your next visit, please visit our Greater Leavenworth Museum.

Explore Leavenworth Parks

Leavenworth, Washington, boasts several beautiful parks that offer stunning natural landscapes and recreational opportunities.

family at waterfront park, calm lake

Waterfront Park

If you want to get away from it all without going far at all, we have the perfect solution. Nestled along the banks of the Wenatchee River just a few blocks from the downtown core, Waterfront Park is a birdwatcher’s heaven. Eagles and osprey are everyday sights, along with warblers and other spring migrants once the winter’s chill wears off. See a flash of color in the thickets? It could be a Western Tanager, Lazuli Bunting or American Goldfinch. Dip your toes…or a whole lot more with an inner tube…in the Wenatchee with the birds as your soundtrack. When the snow flies, strap on the snowshoes or cross country skis and transport yourself to a winter wonderland. All of this, literally within a few blocks of the downtown core.

Front Street Park

Featuring our gazebo and Maibaum (maypole), Front Street Park is the heartbeat of our downtown. Just a few steps away, find shops and live entertainment. Watch festivals and parades unfold right before your eyes on our beautiful lawns and under our shade trees. In the winter, bring your sled and your sense of adventure while you barrel down our sledding hill under the Christmas lights while shoppers stroll and savor.

Lions Club Park

Located just off Highway 2 between City Hall and the Community Pool, Lions Club Park offers a sanctuary of shade trees and soft green grass. Come to the park and enjoy one of the many picnic tables or the picnic shelter, stretch out on the grass, play some frisbee or catch, and just watch the world go by. On Saturdays from June 1-October 12, our Leavenworth Community Farmers Market is in the park, where you will find local musicians performing during this vibrant celebration of local farmers, producers, and artisans.

Enchantment Park

Game on! Enchantment Park boasts two softball fields, a junior baseball field that doubles as a youth soccer field, our Bike Pump Park (paved), Skateboard Park and a playground. The parking lot can fit a large number of vehicles on site as well as up to 3 buses. Need to take a victory lap, or walk off that loss? Trails linking directly to the city’s scenic Waterfront Park recreation area do the job. In addition, Enchantment Trail, Rafters Trail, Bear Trail, and Deer Trail feature walking and bicycle paths through unspoiled country, and Enchantment Bridge connects you to Blackbird Island.

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