Find the Best Fishing in Leavenworth Washington


Steelhead. Salmon. Trout. Perch. Whitefish. All within easy casting distance along the Wenatchee River. Check out the ice cap over Fish Lake in winter, where ice fishing is a must as late as April. Cast your line in the Wenatchee and Icicle Rivers all through spring and summer. In Leavenworth, it’s easy to catch your limit all four seasons.

***For the first time in almost 20 years, the Wenatchee River is open to fishing for spring Chinook. Fishing is open from the mouth of the Icicle River to the Columbia River. Almost 10,000 hatchery Chinook are expected to come back to the river this spring and the state want to ensure that mostly wild fish are left to span. All wild fish must be released.***