If you’ve been watching the news, we’d like to update you about Leavenworth’s status.  A wildfire began on Tuesday, July 15th at Chiwaukum Creek.  Leavenworth, south of the fire, experienced some smoke on that Wednesday and Thursday. However, since then, we’ve enjoyed beautiful sunny skies with air quality levels mostly good, sometimes moderate (which, is still better than any metropolitan area’s daily air quality). 


Nothing has been cancelled.  Maria is still contemplating being a nun and singing about the hills being alive with music, adventurers are still climbing rocks, paddle boarders, kayakers, rafters, and swimmers are still playing in the river and couples in love are still strolling through the downtown.  We’ve got art in our park and bratwurst and beer begging to be eaten.  We are not only still open for business, it is beautiful, and we are here!  Waiting, welcoming! 


Leavenworth Is Open For Business! Our shops, restaurants, lodging facilities and activity businesses welcome you as a visitor. The Summer play season is in full-swing and golfing and biking await you.  View our web cam above under "webcams and weather" our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/LeavenworthWA or call the Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce at 509-548-5807! 


Our hearts go out to the families, businesses, and firefighters in the communities affected by the Carlton Complex fires in the Okanogan; we also thank those fighting our Chiwaukum Creek fire.


**New Update- The WSDOT has re-opened Highway2 at the Tumwater Canyon west of Leavenworth with no restrictions.  For up to date information the fire or current air quality please call us at (509) 548-5807.**