Leavenworth listed in "Top 10 Places to Find the Most Holiday Cheer"

Just over two hours’ drive from Seattle is the town of Leavenworth, Washington State’s own version of a Bavarian village. This former logging town faced grim economic prospects in the 1950s — a rerouted train line had cut off its primary industry, eliminating jobs and eventually eroding the population. But a decade later, some visionary town council members decided to reinvent Leavenworth as a German-style mountain town — instead of exporting timber, they started importing tourists. The result of the council’s calculated move — and strict zoning laws — is a charming reproduction of an Alpine village, replete with eaved and stuccoed chalet-style buildings and a calendar full of events involving lederhosen. It’s the perfect place to spark your holiday spirit, with concerts, performances of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol in the downtown Festhalle and, of course, Christmas tree-lighting festivals. For more information, call 509-548-5807.