Enjoy Leavenworth & Please

Why do we ask you to Give a Schnitzel? With the ever increasing popularity of Leavenworth in December, we want our visitors to have the best experience possible. These FAQ’s should help with your trip planning this December and being prepared and having the information you need is one way to Give a Schnizel!

FAQ’s for Christmastown in December

When is the lighting ceremony?

We no longer “flip the switch” at a certain time on weekends, which drew huge crowds vying to get to town for that one moment. Instead, we have adapted an “always on” approach so the lights are on everyday providing a much more enjoyable experience for visitors and local alike.

What timeframe can I see the lights in Leavenworth?

We always aim to have the lights on by Thanksgiving and keep them up through the entire month of February, so you can come any day of the week for that 3-month period to see them, don’t forget to follow our live web cameras around town to view them every day!

What is the deal with Krampus?

December 5th is Krampusnacht, a holiday celebrated in Austria, Germany and one that has been gaining in popularity in American pop culture in recent decades. Krampus is the strong arm partner to the kindly St. Nicholas who rewarded children with sweets.

People dressing as Krampus during the first weekend of December, (ie closest to the December 5th holiday) has also become popular with cosplayers.

Although not part of the Chamber’s planned festivities, you may very well see them in town interacting with families and businesses. Please plan accordingly if this is a concern.

From Krampus to Buddy the Elf, lots of visitors like to show up in costumes the month of December. The Chamber of Commerce does have it’s own roving Santa and Mrs. Claus, a Grinch, a Reindeer, a Snowman and Elves that make that rounds for photo ops. Look for our customed characters traveling with a Christmastown Ambassador.

Are there public restrooms around town?

There are 3 available indoor restroom facilities open 7 days a week; one at the Leavenworth Festhalle, one at Front Street Park near the Maipole, and one at 8th & Commercial St. We will place porta-potties near these permanent restrooms, as well as two at the Festhalle on the corner of 10th & Front St, and two in the parking lot at the Visitor Center located at 940 US Highway 2.

How will traffic and parking be in December?

December is very busy! On Saturdays to help keep traffic moving, you will see traffic management teams out from Noon-8pm, if you plan on parking your vehicles, weekends tend to fill pretty fast, so plan, accordingly. Midweek will offer an easier time getting parking with plenty of fun activities to enjoy!

How will my dining out experience be in December?

Our restaurants and food service businesses work longer days and hours in December to accommodate local and visitor needs. On weekends, and closer to the holidays, you will find longer wait times, so please be patient and kind and enjoy the amazing food options Leavenworth offers daily!

Is there public transportation?

Yes, the Link Bus runs for free out of their park and ride location behind Safeway, you can ride it in from the east, or park your car there and grab a shuttle to town from 11am-7pm (approx) 7 days a week.