All Natural Makeup Remover/Facial Toner


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All natural makeup remover and facial toner comprised of our sweetest lavender hydrosol.

This is a very nongreasy product that leaves your skin feeling amazing!

Apply to a cotton round to easily and gently cleanse foundation, makeup (including water proof mascara!) and the grime and grit of the day off of your face.

Lavender hydrosol: angustifolia

Product Information
Lavender Essential Oil
This is 100% pure essential oil. Our lavender is artisan steam distilled on site in a stainless steel still then aged in a cool dark area until it’s ready to be packaged for sale. We have our oil analyzed and provide a certificate of analysis upon request.
Artisan Distillation
Distilling in small quantities allows us to have control over every step of the process. We handle our lavender from the field, to the still, to the bottle and monitor quality every step of the way. We have the luxury of being able to pay attention to every detail and produce excellent oil.
Lavender oil is one of the few essential oils that can be used “neat.” This means that you can put it directly on your skin without dilution. Some examples of when undiluted applications would be called for are with minor burns and insect stings. Using lavender neat is not recommended in small children or the elderly. A typical dilution is 3-5% lavender EO in a carrier oil (our favorite is fractionated coconut oil).
Our lavender is also great in diffusers, lotions, spritzers, and bath bombs. A drop on your pillow at night is wonderful to help calm you down for a more restful sleep.
External use only.

Down by the River Lavender
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Product Information
Lavender Hydrosol
Steam distillation yields two components: lavender essential oil and the lesser known lavender hydrosol. As you capture the steam from the distillation process, the water loving components of the lavender plant are captured with it and sink to the bottom of the essencier (this the container where the products of the distillation are caught and collected). The essential oil floats to the top in the essencier and is siphoned into another container.
Care of Hydrosol
This is an all natural product, usually with no preservatives added. Storing it in the refrigerator is the best option to maintain quality. Our hydrosol has shown itself to maintain its quality, however, when it is kept out of extreme heat and bright light.
If your hydrosol develops an off scent or a bloom on top, it is still safe to use as a surface cleaner but you should no longer use it on your skin.
Hydrosol is amazing in its versatility. It can be used as pillow sprays, air fresheners, as a base for cleaners, and in place of distilled water for several other body care recipes.
For external use only.

Down by the River Lavender

Owners: Beth & Jason Hammerberg Small, family owned and operated lavender farm. We grow our lavender with low water useage and a responsbility to the environment in mind. All of the products we sell we use ourselves. Our goal is to produce high quality lavender goods that you will love as much as we do.

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