Lavender Essential Oil – Pure, 100%


2021 distillation available now!

A heavy yielding intermedia without the bitter notes. This oil is very pleasing and more reminiscent of an angustifolia.
A sweet and delicious-smelling oil.

Our lavender is grown with no pesticides or fertilizers; just plenty of sunshine, a little water, and a lot of our attention!
First bloom artisan distilled fresh June 20-July 4, 2020 in a stainless steel still. This oil will continue to mellow with age. Not for internal use.

Down by the River Lavender

Down by the River Lavender is our small family farm located just north of Wenatchee. Jason and I (Beth) started the farm in 2016, although we had lived here for 13 years prior to that. We purchased our property shortly after we were married and had dreams long ago to have animals and some time of crop here. We quickly found out that there was simply not enough water to go around so we turned our attention to remodeling the inside of the house and let the property just kind of do its natural things. Unfortunately, those natural things were noxious weeds and rattle snakes! This is when we found lavender. It is drought tolerant and firewise. We could grow lavender with VERY little water and, since we put weed barrier down prior to planting, we were able to move out the rattle snakes. This was a great relief as we have two young sons who were not snake savvy at the time! We thoroughly enjoy our farm and bringing wonderful lavender goods to market for you to enjoy.... it helps support our farming habit!

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