Milbrandt Butch Blend Library


A symphony of flavors and aromas of three incredibly diverse European red blends in honor of our owner, Butch Milbrandt. This collection features top quality grapes from the Columbia Valley of Washington State.

La Scorie is a Rhone-style blend that is dark, bold, and jammy. “Imagine a dense northwest forest, right after a rain shower. A crackling fire and ripening wildberries all around you.” -Olivia W | Marketing Manager

Cratonic is a rendition of a Bordeaux style that is smooth, approachable, and fruit forward. This wine reminds us of talking a stroll down Parisian streets in the midst of Autumn–astonishing and unforgettable.

Lastly, the Gabbro is an Italian style that is light bodied, surpisingly bold flavored wine. “It reminds me of an Italian race car driver. It goes “vrooooom” and then its gone.” -Mandy B, Assistant Manager in Leavenworth.

Milbrandt Vineyards

Milbrandt Vineyards are concentrated in the Wahluke Slope (AVA established in 2006) and the Ancient Lakes of the Columbia Valley (AVA established in 2012 with the help of Butch and Jerry). The high elevation (up to 1,475ft) and shallow soils of the Columbia Valley make it an unassuming and distinctly beautiful place to grow grapes. Both growing areas share the same low rainfall and long sunny days during the growing season, yet each area has very distinct terroir. Wahluke Slope is especially ideal for red wines and Ancient Lakes for white wines. Butch and Jerry were careful about matching the right variety to the right site. Known as some of the best growers in the state, Butch and Jerry’s fruit is amongst the most sought after in Washington.

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