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Rafting in Leavenworth, WA, is an exhilarating experience that attracts adventure seekers from all over. Set against the backdrop of the stunning Cascade Mountains, the Wenatchee River provides thrilling rapids and scenic beauty, making it a favorite spot for both novice and experienced rafters looking for an unforgettable outdoor adventure.

Trail Reports and Resources

Informed by land managers and local enthusiasts, these resources below offer up-to-date trail & camping conditions. To help you plan for the best trail experience possible, we’ve included some of our best hiking maps.

Alpine Lakes Hiking Trails
Day Hikes in Leavenworth
Lake Wenatchee Hiking Trails
Pet Friendly Hiking Trails
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Protecting Leavenworth

The spectacular beauty of “Washington’s Bavarian Alps” here on the sun-drenched eastern slopes of the Cascade Range has a way of making even the most well-traveled outdoor enthusiasts say, “Holy Schnitzel.” Coupled with Leavenworth’s German-inspired culture, these natural gifts have made this region a unique outdoor paradise cherished for generations by campers, hikers, bikers, rafters, anglers, and more.

To ensure the splendor of the region is preserved for generations more, Leavenworth is committed to being a good steward to this natural beauty.

But we need help from our visitors, too, by asking them to “Give a Schnitzel!” and take steps to enjoy the outdoors safely.

How does one Give a Schnitzel?

• By taking an active role in caring for our shared lands.

• By observing proper fire and water safety.

• By being mindful of proper trail etiquette — whether you are hiking or biking.

• By embracing the Leavenworth Way — be nice, patient, and take your time.

To offer a friendly “willkommen,” to visitors and help spread the word about responsible trail and river use, Leavenworth also employs an army of recreation ambassadors at trailheads and river put-ins and take-outs throughout the area. These ambassadors are loaded with information, maps, supplies, and, yes, even some swag.

We want all our visitors to be safe as they enjoy this natural playground, always being mindful of leaving it better than how they found it.

This is what it means to Give a Schnitzel.



One More Helpful Hint: Know before you go, check out this map of river take-outs!